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 Steampunk AT's

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Name: Steampunk AT

Description: They consist of three parts:
1. massive brass gauntlets with loose wires treading down to the Backpack and AT's
2. There is a hidden Steel backpack like apparatus that links more wires to his Gauntlets AT's.
3. A matching pair of below knee high brass greaves that are part of The ACTUAL AT. The Wires from the gauntlets and backpack attach here. Removing them will be troublesome as per the wire coverings are copper plated.

Mechanisms: The backpack is mainly a boiler and a Self steam powered machine that pumps both water and steam to both the gauntlets and the AT's. The power is derived from an external crank on his gauntlets which fuels water through gears that generate friction and a vacuum and thus creates heat. This is an endless cycle until steam is created, and it must be expelled or risk an explosion. Steam is expelled through small holes in both his gauntlets and AT's which in turn creates a high amount of force, it can lift him barely off the ground, not enough to achieve flight, but enough to be able to "Skate" in all terrain. He maneuverer by Leaning in the direction desired. 8 Small appendages (per AT) drag along the ground from his AT's which folds in when it is left the ground. This allows the AT to "Scan" the terrain and focus steam however it is needed, including grinding. Because the steam is constantly being expelled, Something must replace it, the appendages have a small opening on the tips to suck up whatever water is on the ground. There are many Dehumidifiers all over the AT's the backpack, and the gauntlets which absorbs almost 60% of the humidity (40% air) Assuming he does not move too much. A single charge should last him about 5 hours until needing a refill. The entire AT comes equipped with a decent dehumidifier which allows the AT's to recycle a good amount of water to preserve the water reserves.

AT Specifications:
Gauntlets (Per gauntlet):
Length: 32 Cm
Width: 26 Cm
Depth: 24 Cm
Capacity: 8.4 l
Weight: 13.61 kg
Greaves (Per Greaves):
Length: 40 Cm
Width: 28 Cm
Depth: 26 Cm
Capacity: 11.46 l
Weight: 21.77 kg
Length: 46 cm
Width: 40 cm
Depth: 20 cm
Capacity: 38 l
Weight: 46 kg

Advantages: All terrain, acceleration

Weaknesses: Manevuability, braking. Inability to traverse water
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Steampunk AT's
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