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 Team Template

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PostSubject: Team Template   Team Template EmptyMon Mar 28, 2011 11:17 am

Team Name:What's the teams name?

Team Emblem:What does their emblem look like? A paragraph is mandatory even with pictures.

Team Type:Is it a large, mob-esque crew, or is it a more local crew. Your team can also operate illegally. Please describe just what your team does, and what kind it is.

Territory:Where do you hang up your boots?

Team History:What is it that brought your team together? Were they a group of friends? A couple of bosses who wish to rule the streets? A gang of thugs who wish nothing more than to eliminate others and prove their worth?

Team Members:Please list all of your team members here. Now, keep in mind that you may recruit as many people into your team as you like. A mandatory 3 members is necessary though. How you actually fill those spaces is up for negotiation. Whether you want 3 separate members, a set of Siamese triplets or even a conglomerate of people whom technically take one slot.

[b]Team Name:[/b]

[b]Team Emblem:[/b]

[b]Team Type:[/b]


[b]Team History:[/b]

[b]Team Members:[/b]
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Team Template
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