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 List of Cannon Skills

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PostSubject: List of Cannon Skills   Mon Mar 28, 2011 11:20 am

Here you will find a list of tricks listed by road and rank. Even if you don't ride a certain road you can learn its tricks. However in some cases you'll be asked to explain how you've learned it. If it doesn't make sense than we will ask you to change it. And upon rank up your even free to completely forget a trick but no more than one per rank.

Wing Road

Flame Road

Gem Road

Sonia Road

Bloody Road

Rising Road

Over Road

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PostSubject: Non-Road/Other Tricks   Tue Mar 29, 2011 1:25 am


Skill Name:Bump Up
Skill Description:The rider transfers all the blood in their upper body to their muscles. Creating a burst of strength for as long as the rider is in "Bumped" form. The more blood one has the more effective this is so muscular or big-boned riders are at an advantage with this trick.

Skill Name:Back Spin Wallride
Skill Description:The rider performs a reverse spinning wall ride.

Skill Name:Hammerhead Death
Skill Description:The rider launches them self off of a wall towards their opponent. The more strength one has the more effective this is so muscular or big-boned riders are at an advantage with this trick.

Skill Name:Second Round Fire
Skill Description:After a close range attack the user can in almost any situation with an enemy close enough link it with an elbow smash. This is a strong attack using momentum, weight and the users strength all in one.

Skill Name:Ka BAM
Skill Description:An insanely strong headbutt. With enough strength you could even break boards and the like with a head smash like this.

Skill Name:Sabel Tiger Moonwalk
Skill Description:This is a technique where user rides or grinds backwards so that they can face the person behind them.

Skill Name:Super Stride IV "Sonic Boom"
Skill Description:A take-off technique. This trick is an incredibly large but brief burst of acceleration. Primarily used for taking the lead early in the match.

Skill Name:Spiral Spin Wallride 999 Sidewinder
Skill Description:The rider executes a spinning jump over her opponent's head using nearby walls. Once behind them, they uses her momentum to kick.

Skill Name:Neck Jump
Skill Description:The rider will use their teammates to extend the range of their own jump. Usually by jumping off their backs. This is a tag team move and requires no slots but both riders must know the trick.


Skill Name:Cyclops Hammer
Skill Description:An incredibly powerful punch. The user can even use this to launch projectiles or amplify the strength of certain tricks.

Skill Name:Snowplow
Skill Description:Using their massive bodies the user with their hands will literally plow through what's in front of them.

Skill Name:Underwater Run
Skill Description:This is a very useful trick making it possible to in a way super-swim moving almost like a torpedo underwater leaving behind a trail of bubbles using ones ATs.

Skill Name:Mad Diver
Skill Description:This is rather than a serious trick a means of conserving oxygen in the body for insane amounts of time. Up to 20 minutes per full breath. This is done by carefully controlling the lung and muscle movements and well as heart reducing the amount of air needed by the body.

Skill Name:Stone Body
Skill Description:For one reason or another your body is as hard. You skin is strong and your muscles are as tough as rocks. Plus you've got incredible bones to match.

Skill Name:Digger Wasp Lock
Skill Description:The rider uses their arms and moves them really fast to make the opponent roll into a ball like submission. This trick is more effective depending how cramped the location is. For example one can use this trick in pipes of the underground waterways ETC using the small space to his advantage.

Skill Name:Killer Bee Hundred
Skill Description:The rider dislocates their arms and whips them at the opponent super fast. The reach is unknown due to how the strike is performed but even still is rather effective and the speed makes it difficult to defend against.

Skill Name:A.T Submission: Digger Wasp Lock
Skill Description:The rider chokes the opponent then hangs them by riding up a wall. This trick is more effective if the opponent weighs more.

Skill Name:Wheel Spin Drop
Skill Description:The rider accelerates their AT while standing in a stationary position and uses the rip start as momentum to attack the opponent with a high speed dropkick.

Skill Name:Upper Soul 23 Roll
Skill Description:A move combining the momentum from a wall jump and executing a grind on any vertical rail surface nearby, the rider uses so much forward momentum that they literally corkscrews up the entire rail.

Skill Name:Sweat
Skill Description:The rider will sweat in drenching quantities. This sweat has a very powerful odor to it and is incredibly slick. On its own the rider gas create slippery areas.


Skill Name:Cyclops Hammer
Skill Description:An incredibly powerful punch. The user can even use this to launch projectiles or amplify the strength of certain tricks.

Skill Name:Spining Wallride Overbank Special
Skill Description:A better version of the Back Spin Wallride. The rider performs a reverse spinning wall ride. What makes this better is that the user creates lots of momentum increasing their speed.

Skill Name:Thalassotherapy
Skill Description:When in water the user can perform water therapy to help seal their wounds. This causes the various minerals found in water to act as a clotting agent. Useful in that because water is so close to human blood a person will usually bleed excessive amount in such an environment. And by taking in water the user can create minute vibrations in their body via muscle stimulation which has various applications.

Skill Name:Moonrider
Skill Description:A move in which the rider jumps at full strength and applies power to his rotational axis shifting his center of gravity back allowing the rider to jump a lot farther than normal.

Skill Name:Twin-Cam
Skill Description:A double team move used by 2 riders. The first rider executes a 360 degree spin while holding the second rider and then the second rider executes a flying hook kick using the force from the spin. Due to being a tag-team move this doesn't take a slot but both riders must know the trick.

Skill Name:Air Line
Skill Description:A precise grind along a power line that creates an electric discharge that reveals Rising Road's illusions.

Skill Name:Imagine
Skill Description:The user will utilize what is called the bodies "best motivator" that being sexual. With smell and dirty thoughts the body becomes entices and rejuvenated. Restoring ones strength and energy. It also makes them stronger in every way. To add to that their sense of smell becomes heightened to a point where they could even "See" what a target is doing based on the various bodily aromas. The downside to this is that is only works when against the opposite gender and can be easily broken if the user or target does something that they find "De-motivational."


Skill Name:Enlightenment
Skill Description:A trick of mind over matter. The user by improving their mood will give themselves that needed little extra push. This greatly reduces fatigue and even pain from various injuries. As well as greatly increase their focus.

Skill Name:Legionarius Phalanx
Skill Description:The rider uses this move to send out rapid kicks to intimidate and greatly harm the opponent. Done in such a way as to attack and defend in the same movements.

Skill Name:Human Tornado
Skill Description:A tag team skill whereon rider uses wind to propel the second and typically larger rider at high speeds torwards the enemy. The strength is very dependent on one for the mass and strength of the actual cannon ball and the other for the speed which further adds to the strength. Due to being a tag-team move this doesn't take a slot but both riders must know the trick.

Skill Name:Amazing Forward Special
Skill Description:A trick that increases the users speed, reduces fatigue, and can break illusions. The weakness is that the user has to be using the skill Imagine and have a great sense of smell.

Skill Name:Hypnosis
Skill Description:Sweats profusely, inducing an illusion that lowers his target's inhibitions and makes them open to mental suggestion. The user must know Sweat. The rider can use the illusions on themselves to make male opponents appear female so they may utilize Imagine.

Skill Name:Bubblegum Talk
Skill Description:The user will trap sound into bubbles and use their ride to manipulate the movements of said bubble. This allows them to send messages to friend and foe alike.


Skill Name:Extreme Vidyaraja Kick
Skill Description:An incredibly powerful kick performed in a meditative stance. Strong enough to crush bone even in tougher opponents. The strength comes from the precise and accurate muscle control. Must know and be using Enlightenment or focus for a post beforehand.

Skill Name:Smell Road: Fog Assassin
Skill Description:With this trick, the rider is able to fill an opponent's lungs with poisonous gas. It is unique in the sense that it has no effect unless combined with a trick that causes extreme shockwaves or vibration. When activated, the poison inside the opponent's lungs is agitated and causes them to lose consciousness.

Skill Name:Bubblegum Popping
Skill Description:The user will with their ride create bubbles of water that can be rather dangerous. When riding on water the users ride will create powerful vibrations in the water releasing them once they pop. This will cause the water in a target to vibrate in harmony causing internal damage.

Skill Name:Reflection
Skill Description:The user will tighten up their body so well that damage from most attacks of B-Rank or lower will be minuscule and in some cases no damage will be done at all. This however requires a specific post to be held to tighten as many muscles as possible. In return however the users body can also act as a reflective wall sending some attacks back where they came as well as many other uses.


Skill Name:Bump Up Reversal
Skill Description:The rider uses Bump Up on their lower body, effectively increasing the speed and the strength of their legs. Causing them to enter a sort of High Speed Light Tank Mode. Must know Bump Up.

Skill Name:Enlightenment Pump Up V3
Skill Description:The rider pumps up the blood from their body to their arms. And uses the weight of their blood to increase their diving ability. Must know Bump Up.

Skill Name:Power of Dimensions
Skill Description:By turning everything into a 3-dimensional map in ones head and perfectly calculating the enemy's next move it allows a rider to plan their next move as well. Though it doesn't sound impressive it's probably one of the most helpful abilities to have because of the rapid calculation of the surround area being done near instantly and perfectly.

Skill Name:Air Cannon
Skill Description:Using the brakes of the users AT's to heat up air trapped in the exaust the rider fires off a series of rapid kicks to produce a "shell" of molten air, which is then fired towards the opponent in a laser-straight beam.

Skill Name:Bubblegum Crisis
Skill Description:The rider produces streams of bubbles that have great cutting and explosive power towards the opponent. This is done by properly riding on areas of water.


Skill Name:Om Vajra Hum
Skill Description:The user will take in large amounts of the surrounding atmosphere such as water or air ETC and let it out. This is done however at such a high pressure level it propels the user backwards sending them flying like a meteor. The more strength one has the more effective this is so muscular or big-boned riders are at an advantage with this trick.

Skill Name:Null Wind
Skill Description:It utilizes the "ultimate wave" principle, involving conditions similar to a hurricane (a calm center surrounded by destruction). By using the reverberations caused by a powerful explosion or attack striking a form of reflective wall, the rider expands the "ultimate wave" to create a massive circular storm, the center of which has no wind blowing within it.
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PostSubject: Ring Road Tricks   Tue Mar 29, 2011 9:00 pm


Skill Name:Construction
Skill Description:The rider is capable of repairing any A-T based technology effectively.

Skill Name:Modification
Skill Description:The rider is capable of modifying any A-T based technology effectively.

Skill Name:Destruction
Skill Description:The rider is capable of detuning and destroying any A-T based technology effectively.


Skill Name:Bio-Rhythm
Skill Description:This is the user's ability to feel & hear the sounds within the rider, their internal clockwork: pulse, heartbeat, blood pressure. Tuners must be sensitive to 'biorhythms'.


Skill Name:Sound Waves
Skill Description:The rider unleashes a deafening sound capable of shattering glass that instantly incapitates everyone near the area though just briefly. How this is done decides its effectiveness though it's usually a specialized device.

Skill Name:Song
Skill Description:A song used by ring road riders. Now even if the words are different the trick works none the less. Hidden in the tune are unique notes and sounds that allow each and every tuner to synchronize with one another. This is heard by and understood only by tuners.


Skill Name:Sound Blades
Skill Description:The riders creates super sound waves that have a slicing ability. How this is done decides its effectiveness though it's usually a specialized device. The sound waves are fast however.

Skill Name:Speed Tune
Skill Description:This allows the user to tune at higher speeds by putting more focus into the arms, hands and especially eyes.


Skill Name:Infinite Scale
Skill Description:The rider will access "Infinte Scale" which allows them to repair modify and/or tune any A-Ts in a matter of seconds. This is due to the amount of focus one puts into finding and translating sounds. So much so that they will be able to completely understand the inner workings of everything that makes sound around them. This level of tuning can be painful to the body unless the rider knows Speed Tune.


Skill Name:Pledge: Access
Skill Description:The rider activates their specialized tuning device, splitting it into numerous smaller pieces that enable other Tuners to access Infinite Scale.


Skill Name:Ring Road: Ring In
Skill Description:After activating their tuning device, The Rider synchronizes with the Tuners connected to their device through song, which in turn enables them to use the highly efficient tuning abilities of Infinite Scale on par with the highest level tuner available.
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PostSubject: Re: List of Cannon Skills   

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List of Cannon Skills
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