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 Parts War Race Types

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Parts War

These are the battles that Storm Rider teams have with each other when they want AT parts or territories. Riders may also choose to participate for the sake of furthering the team rank. There are six different types of races, four of which are legal, and two of which are not. Every type of race has a different objective to fulfill, which must be completed before the other team in order to win.

Dash - A race between two teams, which can consist of all out team free for all dashes, or one on one best out of 5 matches. The winners are determined by who reaches the destination first. The former type of race allows all team members to race side by side, assisting their allies, while conversely preventing their opponents from reaching the goal. In a singles match, the riders are pitted against each other in a best 3 out of 5 match. If one team has less members than another, then however many members must race a second time in order to fulfill the requirements.

Hurdle - A contest decided by reaching the top of a goal or grabbing a necessary item before the other team. In many cases, teams decide to place their emblems on the line, thereby putting their pride and team at risk in order to boost their notoriety. Like the Dash type races, these may be played as full teams, or as single persons. The same rules apply to dashes as do to hurdles, therefore making them quite easy to understand.

Disk - Played very much like a competitive sport, this type of match relies on the capture of a disk, which must be passed from player to player in order to score a goal against the opposing team. There are five positions total, in which the teams must decide before the game who plays what position.

The first and most important role goes to the disk keeper, who must try to score points by advancing into the opposing side's goal while the opposing side defends and attempts to capture the disk.

The second most important would be the 'Hawk', an offensive player whose sole job is to remain in enemy territory and receive or steal the disk from opposing players.

The defensive positions include two strikers, or players who focus more on catching the disk and preventing the opposing team from scoring.

Last but not least, the goalkeeper, who's sole job is to prevent opponents from landing within a certain radius with the disk in hand.

Balloon - two opposing two to five man teams compete in order to capture a balloon which floats freely above the ring. The rules remain similar to disk in that there are multiple positions, and a single seeker.

The panther's job is to locate the balloon and catch it. The panther is signified by wearing his emblem on his clothing, making it visible to the other team. However, other players may try to distract and bait the other players into following them. A simple game of cat and mouse with quicker runners. The panther cannot change throughout the course of the game, causing the teams to coordinate their movements in order to keep said player undetected by the opposition.

Cube - Battles that seperate team mates, and pit the magainst an opposing team member. The members are placed alone in a closed of area (Four walls, a ceiling, and a floor) thus giving it the name "Cube". The goal is to defeat the opposition in a total of 3 out of 5 matches. Whichever team has the most wins (out of five) wins the match. Due to the danger of the match and the skill level required of the players, it is recommended only those of C-Class and above participate.

Air - Contending teams try to knock the others down while standing atop poles. Any form of trickery is allowed, and damage is not unprecedented under said circumstances. Due to the various injuries and skill level required to play this game, it is recommended only those of B rank or higher.
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Parts War Race Types
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