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 FORUM RULES - A Must Read

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PostSubject: FORUM RULES - A Must Read   FORUM RULES - A Must Read EmptyTue Mar 29, 2011 7:32 pm

Welcome to AGAT, we hope that you enjoy you time here and more importantly continue to come back to visit. If you are here, you are trying to get a general idea of the rules of the forum and for that I tip my hat off to you. The first step to an enjoyable time on any site is being familiar with the rules of them.

1. This Forum is NOT A PORNO
The internet has a wide range of ages and it welcomes all of them. We want to make this a friendly environment that everyone can enjoy. Now what exactly does this entail? Well I shall list a few things that you should avoid while you are on AGAT.
The following things to avoid include, but are not limited to:
- Overtly Sexual Comments or Posts in General
If you let a few things slip or add a few things to a post to make it more interesting but please... No one cares how you Do the Dew so please don't tell us.

- Any form of Intolerance/Harassment because of Religion, Race, Gender.
Jokes are jokes but don't take it farther than that.

- Illegal Drug References
Now there is a difference between saying someone has a problem and describing what he's taking. Certain "Candy Addictions" as some call it is common so an RPC having a that problem is not off limits. However if you describe its means of intake or even what specifically it is. I'm gonna be pissed and shit in your cereal!

The above is for all aspects of the forum. Posts, Avatars, Signatures, etc~

2. Respect
Respect others if you want to be respected. Your fellow users deserve just as much respect as the staff. Each of you is a person, and although it’s easy to forget you are talking to another human being on the other end of this. Keep that in mind when speaking to people. A general good rule of thumbs is to treat people the way you would want to be treated.

Now, while the staff is not infallible, they are staff for a reason. Meaning, if they tell you that what you are doing is wrong, it probably is and you should stop. The staff knows what they are doing, and are only looking out for your best interest. Do not make their job harder by arguing with them over trivial matters. If you REALLY don't agree with them come ask me DonCree directly and I'll make a final verdict.

Do not Flame
We don't expect you to like everyone, but we do expect you to tolerate them. If you don't like a user or a staff member you don't have to interact with them, and so long as you aren't going out of your way to break rules, they won't bother you. Flaming users and staff members alike is prohibited. We're all here for fun, and that gives you no right to flame them. Speaking calmly and coherently to a person is much more effective then out and out telling them they are stupid/wrong. You'll only make enemies if you do this.

3. a. Do Not Spam
Making a post in a thread that has no relevance to that specific topic is considered spam. We here at AGAT wish to keep the forum looking as professional and clean as possible. This means if you don't have anything to add to the conversation, don't say it. Also, be sure to [keep on topic] of the thread, if you don't it’s considered not relevant to the thread and therefore, spam.

Before posting ask yourself the following questions:
Has this topic been address and fully answered somewhere else?
Am I contributing to the topic?
Is my post only consisting of things like "Cool, thanx" "Whoa, never noticed that" or the ever wonderful "What?" "I don't care." "Troll" "n00b" or "I agree." If it’s not helping the topic, its spam
Is this the correct section to post this thread in?
Am I necro-posting?
Also, another side note to this topic. If you thread is closed, or deleted by any of the staff member, do not post it again. It was closed for a reason, reopening it is blatant disregard for the staff and will probably get you warned by the staff and possibly a ban if the subject is not dropped.
b. Double Posting
Double posting is when you make a post directly after yours. This forum does not allow that. There is an edit button. You are expected to use it, therefore do so.
c. Format Spamming
Refrain from spamming text formatting/BBcode. This includes, but is not limited to CAPS, bold, underlining, and/or using obnoxious colors (i.e. hot pink, neon green).

4. Refrain from giving out Personal Information
AGAT does not condone the exchanging of personal information. It's a dangerous thing to do and AGAT will not be held liable for any damages that may occur from this exchange of information.

5. Know the staff and the Rules of each section
While this is universal for the forum, each section has its own protocol that is an addition to these rules. Now, Mods and Admins control this site, and keep it running swiftly and smoothly. Respect them, and do not argue with them. While they aren't always correct, they do know what they are doing, so it would be in your best interest to follow the rules and what they say. If you feel that there is corruptness, or unfair treatment and you have proof, then bring it to me and there will be further the investigation, dealing with it according.

6. Language:
In all public areas of the forum the language you are required to speak is English. Our moderating staff cannot possibly know every language, and as such, cannot moderate any messages in languages they do not understand, to prevent harassment out of the moderators control, all other languages are only to be used in PM's. Now things like using Hola and other small usages are acceptable but don't be excessive.

7. Number of Accounts
You are only permitted to have a total of one account on the forum. Making an additional account is frowned upon in AGAT community and not tolerated. Anyone caught with multiple accounts can be subject to a ban the lengths up to a week and have their "Alt" account permanently banned from the website. This is a role playing forum, there is no need for multiple accounts. Furthermore, anyone found using an alt to circumvent a ban can expect a ban ranging from a week to permanent on their main account.

8. - Account responsibility:
The owner of the account is at all times responsible of anything that occurs on his/her account.

9. Enjoy
This forum is made to have fun on and we hope that you do so. Each section has a different purpose. HOWEVER the ultimate goal of each is the enjoyment of the userbase and staff.
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