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 New Territories

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PostSubject: New Territories   New Territories EmptyMon Mar 28, 2011 11:51 am

Name:What do you call it?

Location:Where is it? And how big is it?

Important People:Have any important people?

Important Clans/Groups:Does it have any important groups or families?

Description:What is it like?

Economic Status:What's the average standard of living?

Weather:Whats the weather usually like? Optional for smaller areas.

Terrain:What's the terrain like and what range does it have?

Wildlife:What are the local animals and monsters? Optional for most locations.

History:What its history?

Important Places:What are the important places?



[b]Important People:[/b]

[b]Important Clans/Groups:[/b]


[b]Economic Status:[/b]





[b]Important Places:[/b]What are the important places?
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New Territories
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