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 Character Template

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Name:What is the Riders name?

NickName:Does he/she have nicknames or aliases?

Gender:What is their gender?

Age:How old are they?

Appearance:What do they look like? A paragraph is mandatory even with pictures.

Personality:What personality do they have?

Rank:F - S however everyone starts at F.

Battle Level:All new RPers start at 0 however training and participating in Parts Wars will increase this number. Every 50 points your free to apply for a rank-up. However you have to wait 2 months between each rank-up.

Alterations:Are you a normal person, brain charger or gravity child?
Normal People don't get any special perks.
Brain Chargers don't get the free strength of normal people but get an extra trick per rank.
Gravity children can either boost their current strengths or get another free at the price of a trick per rank.

Road:What's your road? You don't have one at F HOWEVER after F you do though it's strength depends on your rank.

Fame:How well known are they? This is broken down into 5 categories with 2 sub-groups per rank. Each attainable at a certain rank-ups. Remember this is more of a guide and you may negotiate exceptions with mods depending on circumstances. You don't even have to go up in fame if you don't want to but you have to complete certain tasks for it to drop. Also keep in mind other people can affect your fame as well as your own actions.

Hell you could be an actress taking up AT starting with B-Rank fame for all that matters, but be fluid with it all. And no you cannot start with A-Rank fame. Keep in mind that this only applies to how well known you are in the storm riding world.

F - Rank
At this point your probably known by your community in some shape or form but not as a storm rider. So you could be a super model but unless you held some form of press interview not many people know you even own a pair of ATs.

E - Rank
Your community knows you ride. Whether that's a good or bad thing is up for debate. But none-the-less your known. Now your not SUPER FAMOUS but... Still when people ask "Know any storm riders?" your name comes up in your neighborhood.

D - Rank
Wow wow wow... You must have done something to get noticed. Though people don't recognize you on the street outside of your neighborhood and acquaintances they may have heard of you. Your not an A or even B list celebrity so it can't get you into parties.

C - Rank
From time to time you get noticed on the street. People may even want to meet you. You ealk down the street now and people may point and mutter things like "Isn't that him?" though don't be conceited it may be followed by "Hmmm... Not sure."

B - Rank
You now have an abusable amount of fame. You could get yourself a free coffee or something if you played your cards right. And you hear people saying "Wow that's totally him! I want his autograph!" and the like and you may get invited to events as a minor guest.

A - Rank
Wallet? Who the hell needs a wallet when you're THIS famous! You can go to parties any time you want, get paid for wearing free stuff the whole enchilada! Be careful... Being this famous is a health hazard... Between possible stalkers and barrage of fans you may be killed.

S - Rank
Nearly the entire planet knows who you are. No amount of hard work alone get people this far. Think really well about whether being this famous is even a good thing. Because should heaven smile on you like this your gonna be remembered for at least 100 years after your death!

The two categories are:
Athlete or Criminal
Athletes are loved by their fans and the general populace. However have a harder time gaining the respect of those in the AT world due to their usual "Sellout" logos. Criminals don't necessarily have to be hardened criminals but still are seen as a nuisance by police and the general populace. They however typically get along better with other Storm Riders.

Team:Are you on a team?

Advantages/Weaknesses:What are your natural strengths and weaknesses. You get a free good strength. But you have to balance the rest. Strengths are ranked from:
Minor:Average Athlete Level
Good:Olympic Athlete Level
Excellent:World Record Level
Perfect:We're hercules LoL

Remember this is mainly a free form RP.

Backstory:What's your history?

Air Treks

Description:What do they look like?

Advantages: (Turning? Jumping? Speed? Acceleration? Braking?)

Weaknesses: (Same as above)

Starter Trick

Training Time:

Training Time:

Note:Your starter tricks is something you already have. The training time is just in case you want to teach them to others. You may app upgraded versions of tricks to replace old ones. At Each rank you get more tricks.
S=Unlimited but must wait a month between trick submissions.

Extra Info:








[b]Battle Level:[/b]







[U][b]Air Treks[/b][/U]




[u]Starter Trick[/u]

[b]Training Time:[/b]

[b]Training Time:[/b]

[b]Extra Info:[/b]
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Character Template
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